A single product-package that gathers and summarizes the newest intelligent and adaptive technologies for an integrated museum fruition

The Museo 4.0 project was born from the professional collaboration of different realities, which, although different, turned out to be complementary to the project. The idea was born and took shape thanks to the passion of many parties for new technologies and culture. Although these seem to be distant sectors, they actually share a common nature because, in extreme summary, excellence is historically nothing else than the happy integration of tradition and innovation.









Our commitment derives from the awareness of the potential of Italian cultural heritage, widespread throughout the territory and only partially valorized, and of the need to give new inputs to the sector. At the same time, digital innovation offers valuable tools for growth and development, already exploited in various fields, and which has given rise to a real revolution in production systems, with the so-called “Industry 4.0” and the Digital Economy.


The technology provides tools whose applicability is practically boundless so why not exploit, with the necessary intellectual and ethical coherence, its potentialities at the service of art and culture?


The project, therefore, has the ambition to develop, collect and summarize in a single product-package the intelligent and adaptive technologies aimed at the integrated fruition of museums and cultural institutions in general. The project is aimed in particular at small peripheral realities, no less valid from a cultural point of view but often neglected by the main tourist flows and by the local public. The project will lead at the prototyping and standardization of a product capable of creating a digital and enjoyable museum experience and, at the same time, economically accessible for local administrations and for all those who want to renew the methods of content conveyance and their cultural offer.

We are confident that by providing the necessary tools, the peripheral museum realities will be able to insert themselves more in the ever-growing tourist flows. To do this, it is necessary to create a solid collaboration network between us, promoters of the Museum4.0 technological innovation project, and the local administrations, the Tourism Departments and other authorities. Indeed, our project is perfectly in line with the 2017-2022 Strategic Tourism Plan according to the criteria of sustainability, innovation, and accessibility (MiBACT, Strategic Tourism Plan 2017-2022, 2017).

“By providing the necessary tools, the peripheral museum realities will be able to insert themselves more in the ever-growing tourist flows. To do this, it is necessary to create a solid collaboration network.”

Despite the increase in the use of digital services such as social networks and websites (ISTAT, Museums, archaeological sites and monuments in Italy, 2015), this does not always correspond to effective facilitation of interactions between users and museum institutions or complete exploitation of their potential. The use of new technologies in this sector is still only partial and often applied superficially.

It will, therefore, be our intent to concentrate the design efforts for the creation of a complete product/service that summarizes and integrates functionalities and characteristics, so far only partially explored or in a disrupted way.

The development of the Museo 4.0 platform will be supported and correlated with marketing activities, preceded by in-depth market studies, with the support of Novareckon – Knowledge brokers, which will allow analyzing the needs of structures located on foreign markets.

The innovation project brings together in the company the countless experiences and international research activities carried out by project partners. Of particular relevance the researches on ICT, domotics, energy and industrial automation, of the Sustainability Laboratory which for years has been working on the topic, also through research conducted at the University of Urbino. Relevant for the project also the disjoined know-how provided by the Bicocca University of Milan, by the University of San Marino – Unirsm, and by the University of Genoa, to support Big Data companies for defining the needs of their users and for the integration of Big Data platforms in their products, also through the development of specific AI algorithms.


Since 2017, the interventions have focused on the implementation and development of innovative systems and methodologies, on the analysis and innovation of processes/products. For the museum sector, within the project, several solutions have already been developed for the integrated management of video and audio content, platforms specially designed for the management and dissemination of thematic podcasts produced in relation to temporary and permanent museum exhibitions and much more. Particular attention will be paid to increase accessibility for disabled users, both to facilitate the fruition of structures and for their safety and comfort.

The project, during the period 2018 – 2019, will be subject to further developments and additions. For this reason, CM Sistemi is opening up to new collaborations and will be activated to extend the existing collaborative network.


CM Sistemi is open to new collaborations with companies that want to provide a contribution for the implementation of the project, the development, and standardization of technologies applied to the museum sector, from now to 2021.



  • To embrace the project’s mission, that is, to contribute to the development and implementation of a highly technological product-package to optimize museum fruition.
  • To actively participate in the work table and take action to achieve the objectives.
  • Professionalism and desire to work together.
  • To work in the cultural or technological sector.



  • The possibility of working closely with CM Sistemi, with the Laboratory UNIGE BICOCCA and UNIRSM for the development of innovative and highly technological solutions.
  • The inclusion in a collaborative network with different companies for the development of innovative products/services.
  • Participation in an Innovation and Research project that will allow project partners to have direct access to financial resources to cover the costs of the staff for development activities.
  • The realization of projects for private individuals and for Public Administrations.
  • The ability to access, as a work network, the national and international market.


If you are an innovative company in the field of technology, in the museum or communication sector and would like to participate in the Museo 4.0 project, what are you waiting for? Contact us!