Simply SALE with Amazon


The ultimate e-commerce solution!

A simple and innovative way to sell online!

The software automation ensures the integration of your online sales channels, publishing and promoting your products in real time on Amazon, the main international marketplace.

In 2017, e-commerce recorded sales of $ 2.3 trillion and experts expect to reach $ 4,500 billion in 2021 (Shopify).

What are you waiting for? Not selling online would mean losing the potential of a huge market!

With the Amazon e-commerce integration software "Simply SALE" by CM Sistemi you will have:

Synchronize product quantities and master data to simplify your life with unified order management

International market
Sell ​​internationally thanks to simplified management with Amazon

It creates commercial strategies for price differentiation on individual markets and for different customer segments

At established time intervals the system collects the orders. Possibility of personal e-mail notification or report preparation

Variations and offers
Easily enter prices by variant and by product, as well as discounts and special offers (full price / discounted / Amazon first)

Simplified shipping
Integrate shipments and carrier management directly from the order received

Management / ERP
Synchronize all quantities with your internal warehouse

Selling online has never been easier.

The software can be customized according to the specific needs of each company, from small to large companies.

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